Zoning Ordinance

NZLURgraphicAdopted by the Newark Municipal Council on February 4, 2015, and in effect as of March 6, 2015, the Newark Zoning & Land Use Regulations (NZLUR, pronounced NUZZ-LER) contain the laws for what you can build and where you can build it in Newark, New Jersey. The NZLUR regulates the uses and design of buildings, along with many other parts of the city’s built environment including landscaping, parking lots, fences, signs, and stormwater management.

The NZLUR came from two years of work by the Office of Planning, Zoning & Sustainability, dozens of community-based organizations, and hundreds of residents and business-people to complete the first comprehensive overhaul of Newark’s zoning since 1954. Many things have changed in the past 60 years, even if Newark’s zoning did not!

The NZLUR simplifies and modernizes the way Newark’s zoning deals with the uses of buildings. It eliminates out-of-date uses like leather tanneries and pool halls and consolidates many others based on what Newark residents and business-people have told us create development conflicts. These regulations also propose common-sense standards for how new buildings will be designed. These ideas grow from the successful 2009 implementation of zoning reforms for Newark’s most common building types, 2- and 3-family houses, which focused on improving the quality and safety of Newark’s streets by setting standards for windows, front set-backs, and the location of primary entrances that keep eyes on the street.

Learn more:

1. Read the NZLUR factsheet

2. Download Newark Zoning & Land Use Regulations (NZLUR)

3. Explore the Interactive Newark Zoning Map
Map is beta as of 2/4/15, and shows adopted Newark Zoning & Land Use Regulations.
Disclaimer: This map is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for the official zoning map or a zoning determination by the municipal zoning officer. The City of Newark assumes no responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.

4. Visit NZLUR Quick Reference

5. Print Who makes decisions about what gets built in Newark? (pdf) diagram to hang on your refrigerator


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