Interactive Newark Zoning Map

This map has been updated as of 02/10/2017 and shows adopted Newark Zoning & Land Use Regulations. For any questions about the map, please contact Ms. Pallavi Shinde or call (973) 733-6333.
To download the redevelopment plan governing an area, click on the link provided in the interactive zoning map legend or contact the Newark City Clerk’s Office at (973) 733-3669.
Disclaimer: This map is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for the official zoning map or a zoning determination by the municipal zoning officer. The City of Newark assumes no responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.

NOTE: Please enter the complete property address in the search box e.g., House Number, Street Name, Newark, NJ
Click on the map and then click “Full Screen” (FullScreen) below for easier viewing, or click here to open the map in a new window.

If you would like to download any of the data included in this map, please visit the City of Newark’s Open Data Portal. Please remember to cite the City of Newark in any work that you produce as a result. All data accessible on this website covers general, not personal, information.

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