Air Quality

Newark’s air quality is among the worst in New Jersey, due to a combination of factors. A dense transit network that includes seaport, airport, trains and several highways, concentration of industrial uses, the region’s processing facilities for waste and wastewater, and high volumes of diesel trucks traveling through residential areas all contribute to air quality problems. Air pollution is linked to increased illness and death from problems such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. Newark will work with community partners, state and federal agencies, researchers, health professionals, and the business community to mitigate existing sources of air pollution, with priority on the types of pollution most dangerous to human health. In Newark’s sustainable future, children will not face a disproportionate health burden form air pollution relative to their counterparts state-wide.

Click here to see today’s air quality in Newark.

Anti-Idling Project 

Cumulative Impacts

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