*Current Adopt-a-Lot renters: Please contact Nichole Jones at (973) 733-5911 or as soon as possible to renew your lease for 2017*

The Adopt-a-Lot Program was founded in 2004 with the goal of allowing Newark residents an opportunity to transform vacant lots into community gardens, inherently beautifying their neighborhoods and growing fresh food for themselves.

Today, there are over 80 rented properties located in all five wards. Renters can grow fresh fruits and vegetables as well as foliage plants in their lots for as little as $1.00 per calendar year. Transforming vacant lots not only benefits the renter but also greatly benefits the community as a whole. By turning a deserted, underutilized lot into a beautiful green garden, residents have a healthy recreational space that is based in environmental education and promotes sustainability and healthy living.

Any Newark resident, business, neighbor, block association, or non-profit can participate. Rejuvenating a vacant lot increases property value, improves the appearance of the neighborhood, and emphasizes the importance of sustainable living. The program also partners with the Greater Newark Conservancy which provides resources and assistance to renters starting their plots. For more detailed info, see the Adopt-a-Lot Lease and Adopt-a-Lot Brochure.

To learn more and adopt your own lot, contact Nichole Jones at (973) 733-5911 or or in person at City Hall, 920 Broad Street, Room 421.

*Current Adopt-a-Lot renters: Please contact Nichole Jones as soon as possible to renew your lease for 2017*

For support with water resources for Adopt-a-Lot gardens, contact BC John Brown at (973) 877-9553 or

Below is an interactive map of all 2016 Adopt-a-Lot locations:

See below a NJ Arts News piece on the program:

Check out this link to see some lots from 2013.

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