Planning & Zoning Determinations now available online!

Good news from Newark OPZS!

In response to public feedback, the determinations made by the Central Planning Board (CPB), the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), and the Landmarks & Historic Preservation Commission (LHPC) are now available online – just click here to view any determination since the start of 2014, and to download agendas for upcoming meetings (posted as soon as they become available).

These board determinations are an important part of the planning process, as they guide what is and isn’t allowed to be built in Newark. When a property owner wants to build or renovate a building or structure in the city, they must make an application for approval to either the CPB, the ZBA, and/or the LHPC. To find out more about this process, click on the image below to download our handy guide ‘Who makes decisions about what gets built in Newark?’


This process is also explained in the “Instructions for Site Plan and Variance Applications to the Central Planning Board & Zoning Board of Adjustment”, while the various filing fees associated with CPB and ZBA applications can be found here.

For any other information, including meeting dates and downloadable copies of materials relevant to the application, please click on the link for the Central Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Adjustments, or the Landmarks & Historic Preservation Commission, or feel free to call the OPZS office at 973-733-6333. To report a zoning violation, call the Newark Code Enforcement office at 973-733-5453.

Putting the determinations online is an important part of our ongoing attempts to make planning in Newark a more transparent process – by making information relating to the development of your city easily available to everyone.

Be sure to check in regularly to see the outcomes of future meetings!

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