NZLUR History

In February 2013, the Office of Planning, Zoning & Sustainability began to overhaul the Newark Zoning & Land Use Regulations (NZLUR), the rules for what you can build and where you can build it in Newark. After two years of work, including Newark Zoning Workshops across the city and contributions by dozens of community-based organizations and hundreds of individuals, NZLUR was adopted into law by the Newark Municipal Council on February 4, 2015.

Residents discuss which uses should be permitted beside the river.

NZLUR Development & Adoption Schedule
2/5/13 Zoning Workshop (Historic Weequahic Neighborhood Association)
2/21/13 Zoning Workshop (Clinton Hill Block Association)
2/28/13 Zoning Workshop (Heart of Vailsburg Block Club Association)
4/22/13 Zoning Workshop (Lower Broadway Neighborhood Association)
6/5/13 Zoning Workshop (Forest Hill Neighborhood Association)
8/5/13 Zoning Workshop (United Parks as One / Friends of Mildred Helms Park)
10/21/13 Draft 1 released
First public draft, 10/21/13 (PDF)
First public draft public comments & responses, 6/25/14 (PDF)
1/15/14 Newark Zoning Info Session (City Hall)
1/23/14 Newark Zoning Info Session (City Hall)
1/29/14 Zoning Workshop (Ironbound Community Corporation)
1/30/14 Draft 1 public comment deadline
4/2/14 Zoning Workshop (Tri-City People’s Corporation)
6/26/14 Draft 2 released
Second public draft, 6/25/14, screen version (PDF)
Second public draft, 6/25/14, printable version (PDF)
8/29/14 Draft 3 released
Third public draft, 8/29/14, screen version (PDF)
Third public draft, 8/29/14, printable version (PDF)
Third public draft Central Planning Board report, 9/22/14 (PDF)
9/8/14 Central Planning Board Public Hearing
11/8/14 Zoning Workshop (Growing Leadership, Building Community: Local Resident Leadership Development Training organized by Greater Newark LISC)
11/18/14 Draft 4 released
Fourth public draft as submitted to Newark Municipal Council for consideration, 11/18/14, screen version (PDF)
Fourth public draft as submitted to Newark Municipal Council for consideration, 11/18/14, printable version (PDF)
11/19/14 Zoning Workshop (Ken Gibson-Sharpe James Recreation Center)
12/9/14 NZLUR approved by Municipal Council on Communications
1/21/15 NZLUR approved by Municipal Council on First Reading
2/4/15 NZLUR adopted by Municipal Council on Second Reading
+ Approved Newark Zoning & Land Use Regulations (NZLUR)

Former zoning
Text of former land use regulations may be viewed on the Municipal Clerk ClerkBase site under Title XXXVII Land Use Procedures, Title XXXVIII Land Subdivision, and Title XL Zoning Regulations. Download former Zoning Maps here (PDF).


There were Zoning Info Sessions held at Newark City Hall on January 15 and January 23 at 6 pm. Learn more here or download the Zoning Info Session presentation (PDF).

Download Comment Form (PDF).

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