Lower Broadway Zoning Workshop

Thanks to the Lower Broadway Neighborhood Association and the Wynona Lippman Community Center for hosting last night’s zoning workshop. The group was particularly interested in how zoning affects design. Should zoning regulate the location of parking lots, blank walls, and fence height?

Residents discuss which uses should be permitted beside the river.

Residents discuss which uses should be permitted beside the river.


Should zoning regulate front yard design? 

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Clinton Hill Zoning Workshop

Thanks to the Clinton Hill Block Association for hosting a zoning workshop at the Clinton Hill Resource Center. Participants discussed and debated topics including whether surface parking lots should be permitted along commercial corridors and how buildings should address the public right of way.


Should zoning regulate building height?


How much impervious surface would you allow in front of a 1 family home on your residential block?

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Weequahic Zoning Workshop

Thank you to the Historic Weequahic Neighborhood Association and St. John’s Baptist Church for hosting Newark’s first Zoning Workshop!


Residents discussed where civic buildings should be placed in relation to residential and commercial uses.


How should homes address the street on residential blocks?

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