What is Newark OPZS?

The Office of Planning, Zoning & Sustainability (OPZS) works to make New Jersey’s most populous municipality a prosperous, beautiful, and environmentally just city. OPZS was created to combine three formerly separate divisions within the Department of Economic & Development – the Office of Boards, the Division of City Planning, and the Office of Sustainability. Collectively, they guide and inform private and public development across Newark’s 24 square miles. Through its administration of the Central Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, and Landmarks & Historic Preservation Commission, OPZS works with development teams and Newark’s communities to create valuable, walkable, and well-planned improvements to the city’s landscape.  By designing and developing public works including parks, public spaces, and public art, OPZS creates useful and beautiful shared spaces that manifest the pride and spirit of Newark and its residents.

The Office of Planning, Zoning & Sustainability
City Hall Room 112
Newark, NJ 07102

Telephone: (973) 733-6333

Kate Anderson, Planner
Mark G. Barksdale, Director & Sustainability Coordinator
Bill Bishop, GIS Coordinator & IT Systems Analyst
Olivia Brown, Administrative Assistant
Susan Brown, Zoning Officer
Cheryl Dentley-Osgood, Zoning Clerk
Dawn Egerton, Planning & Administrative Assistant
Walford Enniss, Senior Budget Analyst
Nana Jumah, Acting Zoning Board Secretary
Azka Mohyuddin, Assistant Planner
Juan O’Neill, Research Associate
Kendra Roberts, Administrative Assistant
Upendra Sapkota, Senior Planner
Elizabeth Seagle, Administrative Assistant
Pallavi Shinde, Senior Planner
Kevlin Taylor, Administrative Assistant
Kim Turner, Administrative Assistant
Kim Winbush, Planning Board Secretary

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